Terry Wetton



Simply Love ... (2015)

This special album represents a profound spiritual perspective on the various manifestations of Love - from Romantic to Divine..and, of course, Miracles! Once again I recruited the talents of Chris Rosser to produce the project, as well as many wonderful musicians.

Track Listing:

  1.  The Light Of God
  2.  I Finally Know
  3.  Such Is The Mystery
  4.  Miracles
  5.  How We Love
  6.  That's How It Works
  7.  Affirmation
  8.  This Thing Called You
  9.  Love Comes
  10.  Somewhere Over The Rainbow
  11.  Peace In The World
  12.  Love Enough
  13.  With Love In My Life
  14.  It's In Every One Of Us
  15.  Imagine


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