Terry Wetton



Sometimes... I Miss England (2014)

A musical journey reflecting my life in 50's/60's London. Uniquely original, the songs invoke memories of home, teenage dreams and musical heroes.

Track Listing:

  1. Prologue: I grew up in London
  2. Proud to be a Londoner
  3. The music in my life
  4. Three chords and a dream
  5. Interlude: I could do that
  6. It can't be done
  7. Our front room
  8. This day in the winter
  9. Interlude: kids at the music shop
  10. Substitute
  11. Susan (what would have happened)
  12. Interlude: we keep the best memories
  13. The last day
  14. Waterloo sunset
  15. Sometimes... I miss England
  16. Bring out the band


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